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Bellona Report nr. 2:96. Written by: Thomas Nilsen, Igor Kudrik and Alexandr Nikitin.

Project 11510 - Belyanka class

The two ships of the Belyanka class, Amur and Pinega, were built to receive, transport and store liquid and solid radioactive waste. The ships are equipped with a special filter to reduce the radioactive content of liquid waste. They were formerly used to dump radioactive waste at sea.

Northern Fleet Pacific Fleet Total
In service 1 1 2
Inactive 0 0 0
Dismantled 0 0 0
Number [288] 2

Technical Data:[289]

Length: 123.3 m Displacement: 8 400 tons
Beam: 17.1 m Crew: 90
Draught loaded: 6.3 m Speed: approximately 16 knots

Both ships of this class were built in Vyborg.

Storage capacity[290]

Each ship has a storage capacity of 800 m³ of liquid radioactive waste. The liquid is filtered through a special filtering installation on board the vessel. The design criteria is to reduce the radioactive content by a factor of one thousand. The filter can process 120 tons of liquid waste per day; however, the filter plant has never satisfied the design criteria with regard to reduction of radioactive content. The maximum permissible activity is set at 370 MBq/l-370 kBq/l (10-2-10-5 Ci/l). Each vessel also has two holds for the storage of solid radioactive waste.

One hold has a capacity of 600 tons of waste loaded in containers; while the other can accommodate 400 tons. The waste may be of varying activity and physical dimensions.

Compartments: 8

  1. Purification plant for liquid radioactive waste.
  2. Holds for solid radioactive waste.
  3. Storage tanks for liquid waste.
  4. Power plant.
  5. VRSh-room.
  6. PEZh.
  7. Auxiliary power plant.
  8. Accommodation and controls.

Individual ships[291]

Commissioned to the Northern Fleet on November 29, 1984. Refitted in 1993/94 at the Nerpa shipyards.
Commissioned to the Pacific Fleet on July 17, 1987.

Photo Photo, 22 kb. Photo Photo, 66 kb. Illustration Illustration, 2 kb.
The Northern Fleet took Amur into use in 1984 and the vessel was comprehensively overhauled in 1993/94. Here Amur is pictured lying in dry dock in the central harbour at Murmansk.

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