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Bellona Report nr. 2:96. Written by: Thomas Nilsen, Igor Kudrik and Alexandr Nikitin.

Project 671 RT Victor-II Class

Drawing of 671 RT Victor-II
Northern Fleet Pacific Fleet Total
In service 2 0 5
Inactive 5 0 2
Dismantled 0 0 0
Number 7

Technical Data

Length: 102 m Displacement: 4 245/5 800 tons
Beam: 10 m Hull: Low magnetic steel
Draught: 6.8 m Crew: 100
Speed: 24 knots Maximum Depth: 350 m

Compartments: 8

  1. Torpedo room and accumulators
  2. Accommodations and mess
  3. Control room
  4. Reactor
  5. Turbines
  6. Turbo generators
  7. Living accommodation and diesel generators
  8. Steering system and electric motor


Two pressurised water reactors, model OK-300, with a VM-4 type reactor core generating 75 MWt.

Naval Architects

Construction Company-16, Malakhit, G.N. Chernyshev.

Construction Yard

The Victor-II class submarines were built at the Admiralty Shipyard in St. Petersburg from 1967 to 1978.


Submarines in active service are stationed at Bolshaya Lopatka.

Individual Submarines

Northern Fleet:

factory no. 801. Commissioned on December 30, 1972.
factory no. 802. Commissioned in 1974. The vessel is now moored at the naval shipyard Shkval in Polyarny. Due to a lack of funds, necessary repairs and maintenance have not been carried out. The submarine has not been officially decommissioned, but it is not expected that it will actually be repaired. The naval yard's principal responsibility is to keep the vessel afloat and to ensure necessary fire safety precautions.
factory no. 803. Commissioned in 1975.
factory no. 625. Commissioned in 1977.
factory no. 627. Commissioned on October 28, 1978.
factory no. 804. Commissioned in 1976. The vessel is now moored at naval yard no. 10 Shkval in Polyarny. Extensive repairs are necessary, but there is no money earmarked expressly for this work. It is unclear what will be done with K-488, but it is likely that it will be removed from the active forces.
factory no. 621. Commissioned in 1976.

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