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Bellona Report nr. 2:96. Written by: Thomas Nilsen, Igor Kudrik and Alexandr Nikitin.

Project 949 (Granit) - Oscar-I class

Drawing of 949 (Granit)  - Oscar-I
Northern Fleet Pacific Fleet Total
In service 2 0 2
Inactive 0 0 0
Dismantled 0 0 0
Number 2

Technical Data

Length: 143 m Displacement: 12 500/17 000 tons
Beam: 18.2 m Hull: Low magnetic steel
Draught: 9 m Crew: 130
Speed: 30 knots Max depth: 500 m

Compartments: 10


Two pressurised water reactors, model OK-650 b generating 2 x 190 MWt and a shaft power of 2 x 50 000 hp.

Nuclear Weapons

24 Granit SS-N-19 missiles in 12 missile tubes on each side of the hull. These missile tubes are mounted outside the pressure hull of the submarine.[237] Can also accommodate SS-N-15 depth charges and SS-N-16 missiles.

Naval Architects

P.P. Postinsev and I.L. Basanov.

Construction Yard

The Oscar-I submarines were built at Severodvinsk from 1978 onwards.


Bolshaya Lopatka, Zapadnaya Litsa.

Individual Submarines

Arkhangelsk, until 1991 known as Minsky Komsomolets. The submarine was laid down in 1978 and commissioned in 1980.
Murmansk. Commissioned in 1981.

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[237] Krasnaya Zvedza, April 29. 1995. Return

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