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Illustrations in The Northern Fleet report, part #1

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Plans exist to rebuild military nuclear submarines into civilian oil tanker submarines for use especially in the development of new oil fields along the coast of Siberia. The oil tanker submarines would be used in waters impassable to ordinary oil tankers due to the ice conditions.

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The company Sudoexport has developed plans to rebuild military nuclear submarines into civilian nuclear powered container carrying submarines with the intent of utilising them along the Northeast passage from North-western Russia to the markets in Asia.

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Number of nuclear- powered submarines built in the USSR/Russia in the period 1958-1995

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The drawing shows a reactor of the first generation of Soviet nuclear submarines

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Illustration Illustration, 6 kb.

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The Northern Fleet took Amur into use in 1984 and the vessel was comprehensively overhauled in 1993/94. Here Amur is pictured lying in dry dock in the central harbour at Murmansk.

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This draving shows Building 5 from five different angels. Spent nuclear fuel assemblies used to be stored in two storage pools inside the building. The uppermost drawing of shows the building as seen from above, while the lower shows the facility as seen from the side. The entrance for lorries carrying spent fuel may be seen to the left. The spent fuel may bee seen to the left. The spent fuel assemblies were hoisted by a crane mounted in the roof to the areas in the storage pool where they were to be stored. The cross marks the area of the storage pool where most of the fuel assemblies fell down in 1982.

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These drawings show how spent fuel assemblies are transported to the storage tanks in Andreeva Bay. The containers are shipped on board Project 2020 - Malina class service ships from the Northern Fleet's naval bases or shipyards to Andreeva Bay (1). The service ship's own cranes are used to transfer the containers to a BeLAZ-450 type lorry at the pier (2). The lorry then drives 300 metres up the road to the storage tanks (3), where a KPM-40 type crane is used to lift the containers off the truck. These are then placed on a concrete platform alongside the storage tanks (4). Later the containers are hoisted over to the storage tank and the spent fuel assemblies lowered down into the storage cells (5).

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