St. Petersburg Urban Gardening Club

... Leader: Sokol, Alla Yakovlevna
Address: 196158, St. Petersburg, Ul. Pulkovskaya, 9, korp. 2, kv. 45
Contacts: Sokol, Alla Yakovlevna, tel. +7 (812) 127 0080;
Gavrilov, Alexander Vladimirovich, tel. +7 (812) 356 9981, fax +7 (812) 356 6377, e-mail:
Registration date: 1994
Number of members: Overall - 79, active working group - 5
Spheres of activity: Realization of the rights of citizens for the improvement of the environment as guaranteed by the law of the Russian Federation on environmental protection.
Methods: Publicizing of information on the environment, thematic meetings, participation in exhibitions, seminars.
Cooperation: "Green World", Club "Green Gift", Club "Integral", Center for Civil Initiatives, Agro-ecological Center "Petersburg Manor", City Palace of Youth Creativity.
Projects: Coordination of the program "Garden on a Roof" in St. Petersburg, seminar "Soil", exhibition "City and Flowers '96", educational work with invalid children, "Garden on a Window Sill".
To become a member: Open membership for any citizen.

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