"Federation of environmental education" (Saint-Petersburg)
Public organization

Environmental education and enlightenment affects the interests of many people - teachers, physicians, scientists, businessman, manufacturers, politicians, and each of us. Only environmental education and enlightenment, supported by the whole infrastructure of the society, will allow to form a modern person - a person XXI age ready to all-round activity in the conditions of hard social -environmental reality.
Federation of environmental education - an independent public organization, has taken the role of coordinator in this process.

The Federation has been existing since 1994.
The charter of Federation has been registered by Saint-Petersburg Management of Justice (certificate about registrations from the 23 January 1997 № 1225-UR). Federation of environmental education is a public association, actively propagandizing some leading experience on the development of the permanent environmental education, on the civil rights maintaining and of the interests of workers in the sphere of environmental education, sciences and cultures.

The purpose and the direction of work

Federation is created for the reason of actualization of ecology as a complex area of knowledge in its scientific and applied aspects by means of environmental education and enlightenment.


Guidelines for activity of Federation:
  • coordination of the efforts of leading specialists of our region in the field of ecology and environmental education produce strategy and tactics of the permanent unceasing environmental education;
  • studying and spreading in Russia and oversea of the leading experience of our region in the field of environmental education and enlightenment;
  • the support of civil rights and interests of the workers in the sphere environmental education and enlightenment, members and participants;
  • independent public examination operation and approbation of environmental-educational and environmental projects and programs, directed on the realization of the concepts of sustainable development;
  • exchange by independent environmental information;
  • generation health conservation and improvement growing;
  • development of creative relationships of educational health conservation, culture, business, industry and other.
  • international cooperation in the field of education for the sustainable development.

Forms of Federation functioning and working sections


Federation Functioning is organized in sections.
It is annually held convened the joined meeting of the members of Federations.
Sections Functioning is various. Its idea - is to choose a member to Federation an in the sphere of professional interests, to present and spread its working experience (at seminars, in the way of publications, and publishing of the educational material, etc), get acquainted with some interesting information or experience, to make environmental information, more urgent to proclaim environmental problems locally, in the region, etc.

Name of sections
  • Environmental education of pre-schoolchildren and primary school
  • Education in the field of leading and environmentally cleaned technologies
  • Professional orientation and high institution
  • Publishing activity
  • Environmental business enterprise
  • Environmental and health
  • Education for sustainable development
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Environmental-Educational projects
  • Teacher's training
  • Environmental Olympiads and Contests

New forms of work, planned by the Federation

  • Placing the information about educational institutions in Federation issues;
  • Publishing of collections of methodical work-outs of schoolteachers and students collections of works teaching;
  • Projects elaboration of the school environmental centers equipment;
  • Further development of publishing work, in particular, periodic journal "Ecology and education", continuation of publishing school-methodical series "Environmental monitoring in educational institutions"
  • Preparation work and conducting of the environmental camp
  • Undertaking of educating seminars for teachers and in interests of educational institutions and district educational of institutions, with the presentation of the equipment for environmental researches and monitoring
  • Conducting of environmental-sanitary excursions-marches of a day off
  • Placing of information of educational institutions on Internet-site Federation and in its issues in the rubric "Presentations"
  • Making of a Trusty Council Advice from the leaders of organization, specialists, politicians and others, ready to help financially and to arrange business support for Federation.
  • Conducting a series of international and city actions - IV international environmental Olympiad "City and nature: worldwide heritage", V town Environmental Olympiad of schoolboys and etc.
  • Publishing of the electronic journal "Herald of Federations environmental education", including electronic versions of information materials and issues of Federation and etc.

Members and participants of Federation


According to the Charter, members to Federations can be physical persons and juridical persons - public associations, which gave individual application or other document, allowing to follow the equality of all Federation members.
Members of Federation - physical and juridical persons - have equal rights and equal duties. Membership is possible in Federations in individual and group forms.
Participants of Federation can be physical and juridical persons - public associations, which support the targets of Federation and (or) its concrete actions, take part in its activity without the registration of their participation.
Members of Federation get information about Federation functioning in sections, about major environmental oriented all-city, district actions about the programs of educational institutions. This allows planning a work experience exchange in the field of environmental education, organizing joint actions, to choose and participate in the most interesting actions, to present effectively own experience.
In 1998 year Federation united more than 500 people, who actively working in education, sciences, culture, public health, in politics, in the industrial sphere.

Members of Federation - public associations (collective members of Federation)

In Federation functioning (working) there are active partia pants, they are collective members - groups of educational and other institutions of Saint-Petersburg, public associations:

Educational institutions


Persons for contacts, telephones

1. № 71, Kalininsky district

SPb Vavilovykh street, 5 building 5

Pavlenko C. Olga,
Smirnova A. Marina
tel. 555-66-77, 555-67-26

2. № 95, Vyborgsky district

SPb Vernosti street, 14 building 4

Boronenko P. Ella
Gruzdeva V. Natalia,
Masljukova V. Ljudmila
tel./fax 535-17-96, 535-39-97

3. № 201, Frunzensky district

SPb Turku street, 21/2

Petrov G. Alexej,
Bashkatova J. Irina
tel. 260-98-65, 260-63-96

4. № 230, Frunzensky district

SPb Prazhskaya street, 25

Smirnova I. Svetlana,
Lazareva E. Irina
tel. 269-89-02, 268-84-66

5. № 285, Krasnoselskij district

SPb Pogranichika Garkavogo street, 46 building 4

Molchanov A. Valerij,
Somova V. Marina
tel. 130-09-37, 130-47-76 (fax)

6. № 395, Krasnoselskij district

SPb Veteranov prospect, 135

Sergeeva P. Svetlane,
Maltseva P. Galina
tel./fax 144-00-47, 138-84-22

7. № 461, Kolpinskij district

SPb Kolpino, Mashinostroitelej street, 7а

Matveeva A. Nina,
Strelkova M. Elena
tel. 481-41-78, 481-34-16

8. № 466, Resort region,
secondary school on studying ecology and nature of the Karelian isthmus

SPb Pesochy settlement Rechnaya street, 24/26

Sirkia P. Tatiana,
Shuvalova V. Alla
tel. 437-86-89, 437-86-16 (fax)

9. № 476, Kolpinskij district

SPb, Kolpino, Tankistov street, 26

Director Strogova L. Lubov
Tel. 484-70-19

10. № 618, Primorskij district,
secondery school "A humen being and environment surrounding ambience"

SPb, Gakkelevskaya street, 24 building 1

Antonenko F. Larisa,
Baranovskaya A. Lidia
Tel. 393-49-73, 394-72-61

11. Interschool Centre of environmental safety childhood, Pushkin

SPb, Pushkin, Revoljutsii street, 14/5

Kazantseva V. Irina,
Beljaeva V. Valentina
Tel. 470-77-56, 466-21-69

12. Municipal enterprise "Children's environmental centre",
Kirovskiy region

SPb, Kronshtadskaya street, 7а

Zubkova N. Valentina,
Steshina A. Olga
Tel./fax 183-53-12

13. Children-teenager journal "Campfire"

SPb, Mytninskaya street

Editor's deputy:
Kharlampiev B. Nikolaj
Fax 271-79-07

Collective members of Federation are also groups of educational institutions of other regions of Russia:

Educational institutions


Persons for contacts, telephones

1. Tikhvinscaja secondary school № 3

187500 Tikhvin Leningrad region, 5 microdistrict

Zajtsev I. Nicolay,
Morozova D. Galina
tel. (81267) 11-010

2. Pljusskaja secondary school

181000 Pljussa settl., Pskovsk region, Valerii Torovskoj street, 35

Mikheeva S. Anna

3. Secondary school № 33 Volgograd, Dzerzhinskij district

400117 Volgograd K. Simonova street, 29

Vojtenko P. Zinaida
tel. (8442)35-50-85

4. Centre of folk medicine "Ugoljok", town of Bijsk (Saint-Petersburg branch)

city of Bijsk

Goremykina I. Anna
tel. (095)162-82-12
Barbolin P. Mikhail
tel. (812)315-19-58

5. Seltsovskaya agrarian school, Melashenko

187050 Leningrad region, Tosnensky district, settlement of Seltso

Pavlova C. Valentina,
Klykova N. Tatiana
tel. (81261)74-267

6. Agalatovskaya secondary school

Agalatovo village

Zhivatovskaya G. Irina

Collective member of Federation can be a group of any educational or other institutions, public association and etc, acknowledging and maintaining the purposes and problems of Federation and arranging a collective application for membership.
Collective members of Federation have all provided the Charter rights. Taking into account Federation mass orientation, collective members have priority rights on information supply on support of rights and interests, favourable prices on perchasing school-methodical literature and environmental equipment and etc.
They get a certificate about collective membership, sets-methodical literature, information materials, plans of sections functioning of the newest school and etc.
Collective membership in Federation using membership fees can create not only necessary financial base for activity Federation, but to greatly increase the directions of its work.

Place of location of Federation


Legal address and office:
191002 Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Lomonosova str., 11.
Tel./fax (812)110-68-49.
Accountants and administrative group:
191180 Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Fontanka Embankment, 102. Tel./fax: 112-41-14 Tel. 164-61-42. E-mail: postmaster@fee.spb.org,

Structure of Federation

Structure of Federation The leading organ of Federation is Scientific - coordinate Council, including active representatives of the main environmental educational institutions-schools, higher institution, baby environmental centers, scientific and industrial enterprises, committees of government Saint-Petersburg.
Scientific-coordinate Council has a presidium, deciding current questions before council-boards.
President of Federation - Alekseev V. Sergey, doctor of pedagogical science, professor, alek@fee.spb.org Vice-president - Muravyov G. Alexander, candidate of chemical sciences, mur@fee.spb.org

Support for Federation

    They give the arrangement support:
    • Saint-Petersburg State University of Pedagogical skill
    • State Committee on environment and nature resources protection of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region (Lenkomekologia)
    • Management on the environment protection of Saint- Petersburg government
    • Scientific industrial association "Christmas+"
    • Federation of trade unions of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region
    • Saint-Petersburg Government Committee of education
    • Constant commission on ecology of Saint-Petersburg Legislative Council
    • Scientific-Research Institute of metrology named D.I. Mendeleev
    • Saint-Petersburg Technical University
    • Russian Pedagogical University named A.I. Gertsen
    • Saint-Petersburg State University
    • International Academy of ecology sciences of safety and of person and nature.

    Federation has close creative and business contacts with Russian and Saint-Petersburg public associations - "Russian environmental Congress", "Transparent waters of Neva", "Green cross", Environmental-analytical information centre "Alliance" and others.

Financial support and resources


Federation has a great need in finance for its activities.
The Budget of Federation is formed on the membership fees, contributions, grants and etc.
Financial support of Federation in 1997-1998 was made by: Saint-Petersburg State University of Pedagogical skill, Research industrial association "Christmas+", State committee on environment and nature protection of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region (Lenkomekologia), Management on the protection environment of Saint-Petersburg government, Scientific-Research Institute of metrology and etc. Federation relies on financial and business support of city organizations, businessmen and industrial enterprises, some interested organizations and people.

Financial support of Federation in 1997-1998 was made by:

  • Saint-Petersburg State University of Pedagogical skill,
  • Research industrial association "Christmas+",
  • State committee on environment and nature protection of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region (Lenkomekologia),
  • Management on the protection environment of Saint-Petersburg government,
  • Scientific-Research Institute of metrology and etc.

Federation relies on financial and business support of city organizations, businessmen and industrial enterprises, some interested organizations and people.

Research industrial association "CHRISTMAS+"

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