GORNITSA(Chamber) The Club of Folk-lore and Ethnography

The Administration of Folk-Education

194355 St. Petersburg, st. Zh. Egorovoy 10/2

phone: (812)5156683, (812)5150804

E-mail: alliance@paideo.spb.org
Subject: Gornitsa

Director Kaidun Vera Viktorovna

The club "Gornitsa" (Chamber) was established in 1994.

It's main goal is spiritual development of a child, his/her creative abilities with the help of retention and revival of the Russian traditional culture.

There are the following trends in the club:


All the trends have one idea in common: to give the children deep, diverse understanding of Russian customs and traditions through the experience of celebrating the holidays of the folk-calender.

The club offers to establish a PROGRAM OF COOPERATION in order to promote the studies of national and international culture:

1. Organizing of the seminar "Children and national culture"

2. Exchange of folk-lore groups

3. Organizing of master-classes of folk crafts


The club is looking for a SPONSOR

-for establishing of the Center of Russian Traditional Culture

-for financial support of the exchange program

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