Razvitiye, crisis social-psychological service of the Leningrad region
Aims and Tasks of organization: Psychological, informational and educational activity for the Leningrad region residents, also for social service specialists (psychologists, doctors, teachers, etc)
Projects held: "Crisis Number",psychological consultation, women in crisis assistance, also aid to those who have experienced violence; preventive measures from alcohol and other drug abuse; family consultations
Present projects: not yet
Future projects: social and psychological aid to victims of violence- psychological assistance to the people with alcohol and drug dependence - teaching how to solve conflict situations by means of "conflict-free" methods
Number of members: 5
Government asisstance: SPb Women's assistance centre, SPb Department of Urgent Social and Psychological Assistance to Children and Teenagers, narcological Dispensary (Gatchina), Gertsyn Institute of Psychoconsulting and therapy
Leader of organization: Mozharskaya Anna Borisovna
Leader's position: chairman
Address: 188230, Leningrad region,Gatchinsky region, Staro-Siverskaya village,Sadovaya St, 29
Phone: 922-212, 293-0673
Fax: 293-4769
E-mail: mogarskaya@normal.com
Contact persons: Mozharskaya Anna Borisovna
Date of registration: 30.12.99

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