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"Gardarika" is an organisation based in St Petersburg, Russia.
The main aim is to support public initiatives, particularly those in the environmental and cultural arenas by making Internet accessible to them. This is centred on the North West Russian region.
For two years we have worked in partnership with other organisations to boost the access capabilities of NGOs. Our partners are:
Community Educational Development Centre (CEDC)
Vasileostrovski Telecom. Centre of Saint Petersburg University
Institute of Research on Problems of Nonprofits in NIS
Centre of Community Networking and Information Policy Studies
Laboratory of Open Telecommunications systems (LOTOS).

We believe that there is great need to develop NGOs operating in several fields and we are committed to help this process and in establishing a wider infrastructure of support.
Our main current project:

Cultural projects
Cultural Planning in the Age
... of Empire

"Kolomna" Art-gallery
WinterWar in Karjala
Edith Sodergran in Russian
Photografers, photos, ideas
Sea fortifications of Vyborg Castle

Institute of Research on Problems
... of Nonprofits in NIS

IREX/IATP in Northwest Russia
Russian Geographic Society
Federation of the ecological
... education

Ecological association SOJUZ
Administration of the Greater Vyborg
GreenLine, information agency

Variuos design
Russian Communities Online
MOCT-SILTA ecological newspaper
Karelian Informational Gateway
Finland for Russian travellers
The UNO center project on Habitat

Commersial design
Alliance, travel agency
CHRISTMAS (chemical corporation)
BAFF (shipbroker company)
Professional XXI, magazine
PR - studio

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