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How to Fortify a Diverse Workforce to Battle the Great Resignation

Human Right - Thu, 12/08/2022 - 03:18

The Great Resignation, also known as The Great Realignment, wreaked havoc in organizations and businesses. It's left many leaders scratching their heads, trying to understand the climate, and scrambling to find solutions to keep their top talent from departing, all while attempting to increase engagement and drive productivity. Organizations who have been able to overcome this time focused and doubled down on one key element of their people strategy: People first & focused engagement programs. This approach has not only allowed them to retain their talent, but to provide an avenue for growth in this incredibly competitive market, strengthening their employer branding along the way. In this session, you will learn: • The core power of The Great Resignation and how to build retention resilience • How to identify your employer brand’s “secret sauce” as the foundation of your next engagement strategy • How to reclaim the talent market and hire the best and brightest talent in the market today • How to align with your workplace culture to create unity and connection
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